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    Orchard Mental Health was founded to fill the gap in high quality yet financially-accessible mental health services in the DC metro area. We aim to help our neighbors of all ages and backgrounds obtain research-informed treatment to improve their feelings about themselves, their relationships, and their future paths. We offer multi-modal treatment options including therapy, testing, and medication services to provide a full patient care continuum under one roof. We partner with physicians to make mental health a priority in whole-person care.


    Given our constant volume of referrals and good reputation in the community, QOP is poised to be able to expand throughout our region to serve patients in distress wherever care is needed, especially given the proliferation of telemedicine capabilities. QOP is dedicated to using cutting-edge technologies wherever possible to improve the tools at our disposal for administering targeted care. We pride ourselves on a strong commitment to continuously deepening our professional education and regularly host clinical trainings that are open to the therapist community at large. We strive to create an inclusive and affirmative positive workplace culture with rarely-matched group practice benefit offerings to promote employee well-being and avoid burnout.

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    We are continuing to create new pathways to facilitate effective, collaborative and evidence-based mental health service.


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    What our clients have to say

    Kaitlyn has been absolutely wonderful so far! The best psychiatry experience I have had to date. I am really enjoying receiving care from them and look forward to continuing working with them.

    Dr. Pam had helped me so much! When talking to other people about their therapeutic process, I can see how her approach helps me make lasting changes so I can work towards being self-reliant. I always recommend your practice to anyone looking for therapy help.

    I cannot put into words how much working with Sarah has impacted my life. She has helped me so much grow into a version of myself that I value. She has really helped me get through these pandemic times and also served as a mentor.

    Ms. Snow is a very kind and professional psychiatric provider.

    John is wonderful to talk to. I have truly enjoyed our weekly sessions and look forward to continuing them.

    It was easy to set up for my son’s appointment this afternoon. I love that telehealth is continuing in Maryland so we can have access to providers from the comfort of our home.

    I love working with Genevieve she is supportive and a very nice therapist.

    I am very satisfied with my clinician. She has helped me greatly in solving my anxiety and PTSD issues. There is always stress in life. But, with the right tools, it’s possible to understand and cope. My clinician provides that for me.

    I have never felt comfortable working with any of my previous therapists but meeting with Miss Heather feels like a true safe place. I am forever grateful for how much she has done for me through treatment!

    Melissa has been a fantastic therapist for me. She keeps me focused and we interact very well together.

    Dr. Farrell is sensitive to my issue, and each session is very helpful.

    Shani is a great therapist. Very understanding, supportive and down to earth.

    Dr. Choi has helped me reach goals that I would have never considered.

    My sessions are really helpful. They offer tools to work through my issues.

    Very nice and welcoming, after all that I’ve been through. I was glad that it felt like my concerns and issues were being heard

    Tracy is very kind and patient and connects to my son very well.

    I highly recommend Kaity. They really took their time listening to my story, they asked thoughtful questions, provided feedback and empowered me to be thoughtfully involved in my own care. Their recommendations about my medication have really improved my over all well being. They are a careful listener and smart, compassionate caretaker. Thanks QOP and thanks Kaity.

    Katy was tremendously thorough with me, they listened to all of my concerns and made me feel extremely heard, valid, and cared for. Their knowledge on medication management, side effects, and diagnosis is extraordinary, and they always make me feel safe and comfortable. As a first time medication user, Katy made sure all of worries were covered!