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    Keum-Hyeong Choi, Ph.D.
    Senior Psychologist


    I am a Clinical Psychologist licensed in Maryland and Washington, DC with 15 years of psychotherapy experience. I received my Masters’ Degree in Counseling Psychology from Indiana University (Bloomington), my Doctoral degree from the Loyola University of Chicago, and completed my pre-doctoral internship at the University of California, San Diego. I have worked in a wide range of treatment settings including hospitals, community clinics, and colleges/universities, with the most recent being the American University Counseling Center in Washington DC.

    My therapy approach is holistic. I work collaboratively with clients to define their goals and create hopeful outcomes. We will explore various aspects of the presenting issues, strong emotional reactions that accompany them, interpersonal relationships, and important life events and transitions. I view therapy as an invaluable opportunity to expand and deepen understanding about oneself that is evolving and to attune oneself to emerging life contexts. Therapeutic work simultaneously extends to understanding past personal history and relationships and exploring future goals/directions to inform present life choices. I believe that therapy strengthens a sense of agency as a person and enhances fulfillment in life experiences. I can conduct therapy sessions in Korean and provide individual therapy services for clients ages 18 and up.