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    Katherine Lawliss, Psy.D.

    Dr. Lawliss received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology, with a concentration in health psychology, from Widener University. She is currently a Registered Psychology Associate, working towards licensure.

    Dr. Lawliss specializes in working with people of all ages with chronic illnesses and chronic pain conditions.

    Dr. Lawliss has worked with clients with many different health concerns and rare conditions. She has an understanding of the unique difficulties each individual and condition has. She also has experience working with people who are pregnant, in the postpartum period, dealing with pregnancy loss, or termination of pregnancy. Additionally, she has experience with providing a safe place to discuss family planning.

    Dr. Lawliss has an eclectic theoretical approach to therapy. She works with clients to figure out their purpose in life and to help them add meaning to their days. She also helps people identify and use concrete coping skills, while also providing therapy that is based on exploring client insights and their emotional world.

    Dr. Lawliss works with people who have difficulty with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and more. She also is able to incorporate Intuitive Eating practices into her therapy work if someone is struggling with their relationship to their body and/or food.

    She is inclusive in her work, making sure that therapy is a safe space for any person who identifies with any marginalized group. She has attended numerous trainings about cultural sensitivity, LGBTQ+ issues, and racial trauma. Dr. Lawliss values inclusivity on every level. Therefore, she finds working with a Health at Every Size (HAES) mindset is not only intuitive to her but important in creating safe spaces.