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    Aiyanna Archer
    Psy.D., Psychological Associate

    Aiyanna Archer (she/her), Psy.D. is a multifaceted therapist who utilizes a client centered approach, which offers a variety of psychodynamic and integrative therapeutic techniques to meet the unique needs of each individual client. She dedicates her time with clients to identify ways in which past experiences and beliefs, may contribute to present patterns, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

    Aiyanna is specifically attune to experiences related to racial injustices, specifically among Black and Brown folks maneuvering White spaces, and lack of safety among marginalized populations. Further, she aims to utilize the therapy space to create a safe and new corrective experience that her clients can use to effectively manage worldly encounters. 

    Aiyanna’s work as a therapist includes but is not limited to, providing therapy for adults that may struggle with race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, identity development, adjustment/life transitions, and advocating for marginalized communities, while specifically providing adequate care and resources. She enjoys assisting clients in improving communication and developing coping skills, all while enhancing self-esteem and eliciting behavior change. Additionally, Aiyanna is well versed in providing comprehensive psychological assessments to assist with better understanding of clients’ cognitive and social/emotional functioning. Outside of psychology, 

    Aiyanna is a proud member of the prestigious sorority of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and dedicates time to ensure that health in all aspects have been met not only for herself, but for others in the community through daily encouragement of self-love and empowerment.